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By AJR, published and available (from AJR)

Stinking Bishops 2014 (Dec.) ISBN 978-1-869874-20-9

Price: £10 incl p&p to UK. To purchase, contact AJR

Queen and pawn a2 against queen, April 1986
Queen and pawn a6 against queen, May 1986
Queen and pawn b7 against queen, June 1986

Price: £10 incl p&p to UK for set of 3. To purchase, contact AJR

Assorted issues of EG international quarterly, EG1 (July 1965) to EG102.2.

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By AJR and published, but not available:

Test Tube Chess (Faber and Faber, 1972), revised as
The Chess Endgame Study (Dover, 1981)

Expert against oracle, paper no.16 in Machine Intelligence 11 (ed. D.Michie et al.), 1988

Deceptive Simplicity [Leopold Mitrofanov], 1992, 1998 (also: Vladimir Fyodorov, Friedrich Chlubna)

Hugh Blandford — Published Works and Notebooks, 1993, 1998

The Win and Draw Chess Compositions of Thomas Rayner Dawson, 1997

The Complete Studies of Genrikh Kasparyan, 1997

A (First) Century of Studies [Ernest Pogosyants], 1999

EG – Vol.XI (EG159-162, 566 pages), 2006

By AJR, work in progress:

EGEG, AtoZ of Studies

Titles not by AJR:

Mostly Russian, all endgame relevant: available in batches, but no list.